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                     Family Story                   


                     I will first let you know that this isnít really a family story. Itís actually about me. Donít worry, Iím not going to

blabber on about just anything about me. Itís about my name. Before I was born, before my mom was even pregnant with me, my aunt had a dream that my mom was pregnant with a boy. My mom thought she was crazy. She couldnít believe that a dream, that wasnít even her own, could predict the future. Of course, a few months later she would learn that she was pregnant with a baby boy. My aunt told my mom that if she were correct, she would be allowed to name me. Since my mom didnít think that she would be right, she agreed to the deal. The amazing part of this all was that even though my aunt had all the time in the world to think of a name for me, I wasnít named until after I was born. Eventually she came up with probably the coolest name, Hekuran. This is not just any ordinary name, this is the BEST name. Heku, meaning iron, pretty much makes up my whole name, and since I am a male, it translates into Iron Man! Over the years I have learned about various different iron men. First you have my favorite superhero, Iron Man, and then you have Black Sabbathís song, Iron Man. Also, my cousinís husbandís brotherís name is Hekuran, so now that I know someone else has it, I donít feel as bad!                                                            


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