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         Jim Belushi, as most of you may not know, is Albanian. He is probably the most successful Albanian throughout

 Albanian history. He was born June 15th, 1954 in Chicago, though, he grew up in Wheaton, Illinois with three other siblings. His dad, Adam Belushi, was a successful comedian as well. Jim got started in acting when one of his high school teachers was impressed by his improvisational skills while giving speeches, and convinced Jim to participate in a school play. Time went on and he eventually attended the College of Dupage and later graduated from South Illinois University with a degree in Speech and Theater Arts. When he moved to Chicago, a writer-producer saw Jim performing for 2nd City and arranged for him to come to Hollywood to co-star in a TV Pilot called, "Who's Watching The Kids" for Paramount, and then a role in a television series called "Working Stiffs" with actor Michael Keaton. In 1983, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live for two years. Eventually, she starred in a movie with Rob Lowe and Demi Moore, "About Last Night." Later on, he appeared in movies such as "Salvadore", "Homer and Eddie", "The Principal", and co-starred in "Return to Me." He also received many raves for his work in in Gregory Hines in Showtime's "Who Killed Atlanta's Children?" As his popularity increased over the years, so did his appearances and roles in film, theater, and television. Jim has also performed on Broadway in Herb Gardner's "Conversations with My Father" at the Royal Theatre. As busy as Jim Belushi may seem, he not only keeps busy acting in film, but is an investor in the House of Blues, and performs with his band, the Sacred Hearts. Jim founded and is a member of the John Belushi Scholarship Fund, which supports college and college-prep students pursuing performance and visual arts education. Jim currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Jennifer, along with two sons, Robert and Jared, and a daughter, Jamison. Jim Belushi is currently starring in his own sitcom, According to Jim.


                          James Belushi                           


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