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         Albania, a small little country located next to Macedonia and a more familiar country known as Greece. Even though I was not born in Albania, I shall inform you on certain Albanian traditions including other topics such as their culture, fun facts, and special foods. Other information you will learn about are some famous Albanian singers, musicians, and athletes for Albanian sports teams (that never really seem to make it far in the Olympics, not to mention there are only about three or four that actually qualify). Though, one of the more well-known players that I will mention, Tie Domi, a professional Hockey player, made a name for himself in the mid 90's. It may seem that Albania seems very interesting, and well, it is. In some places, it has nice green fields, a great scenery, but then there is also a bad side of it, where it is dirty, poor, and very run-down. Even with this, you can still enjoy the wonderful sights of this exotic place.


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